things i don't ever want to forget

7:57 AM

I think every mama's heart has these moments daily, these moments when your heart swells and begins to ache in that familiar way. Those moments when you watch your baby, toddler, child... do something that is so painfully sweet and wonderful and you just pray your absolute hardest that you never forget.

I've been feeling a lot of that lately and so today I pray I may never forget:
  • the way she laid her head on the side of the bed and patiently waited while I put a ponytail in her hair, never taking those big hazel eyes off of me
  • the way she sits, legs crossed, on the floor and colors for hours narrating the whole thing in her darling fairy language
  • the way her face looks when she sleeps, so still, smooth and perfect
  • her sticky toddler hugs and slobbery kisses
  • the way she yells "papaaaaaaa" when daddy comes home and runs to wrap him up in a hug
  • the way she eats spaghetti - stretching it across her mouth and biting into the middle
  • watching her take Belle outside in the mornings, patiently waiting, leash in hand, while she does her business
  • the way she goes "aaaaaahhh!!!" and her tiny hands shoot up at the sky every time she hears or sees a plane
  • hearing her snore in her carseat
  • those tiny ringlets at the base of her head
  • the vigor and enthusiasm with which she smells candles, perfume and flowers
  • her giddiness over balloons
  • hearing her "read" books to herself
  • her fake laugh
  • the way she loves to help with unloading the dishwasher and putting her toys away
  • the way she screams happily every morning when she sees Belle for the first time
  • her attempts at picking Belle up
  • the way she says "oh no!" and furrows her brows instead of the classic "uh oh"
  • the way she dances until she's dizzy, which is mainly her just spinning until she falls down in a heap of giggles
  • the way her feet and hands look tiny and huge all at the same time
  • the way she smells after a bath
  • all her silly looks and ridiculous facial expressions 
  • that time I brought her into our bed in the morning and the way she gently petted my hand as she fell asleep
Those are just a few that come to mind now but ultimately there is so much more.

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2 notes

  1. Such beautiful memories that I'm sure you will cherish for ever.

    p.s. I love your blog!

  2. heart. melting. i often feel this way about people we closely spend our lives with (read spouses, siblings, parents). They are such little mannerisms, or physical attributes, that make you just love them and want to hold on to them. I imagine it's harder with children since they are always growing and changing - making this list is a great idea.


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