things we learned on vacation

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Vacationing with a baby is definitely unlike vacationing as a couple and there were a few things we learned over the course of two weeks that will most definitely come in handy next time:

sand and saltwater are a baby's favorite snack
just like with flying, apply sunscreen to yourself first THEN to your baby lest you spend the remainder of the vacation looking like a well done lobster
don't buy a pack-n-play for your baby to sleep in (she will hate it with a fiery passion), bite the bullet and co-sleep (so much easier, especially in a king bed)
have more than one swim diaper (DUH!!!)
don't question buying the giant inflatable lobster at Publix, it will be the best purchase of your life
have a never ending supply of guac, mauna loa chocolate macadamia nuts & blood orange pellegrino on hand
take your baby's lead when it comes to new things - I was horribly anxious about V and the ocean but she LOVED it and spent a large part of her day letting the waves crash over her little legs
I packed diapers with us (Honest Co.) but used the empty space on the way back to pack the things we bought there: bottle rack, brush, baby monitor, etc.
water, water, water for everyone! We were drinking water, in water and using water to cool ourselves down all day. It did wonders to keep us all happy. Also, at Epcot I would pour a little cool water on V's head every half an hour or so and then pop her hat back on, it ensured her head stayed cool and she stayed happy (little trick from my mum, thanks mummy!!)
instead of baths we often just hopped in the shower with V after the pool to clean her off (it was quick, easy and painless for us all)
leave the "projects" at home - we gave up on solids, sleep training & other things while on vacation (hey we all need a break sometimes right??)

I have a whole other post cooked up on traveling with a baby that I'll share next week!

And as always do any of you have any great "vacation with baby" tips?! Please do share!!


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  1. We did an overnight in DC last weekend and stayed in one room (2 kids, 2 parents)...while our 8yo watched a movie after his bath, I "rocked" our baby girl to sleep in the dark bathroom on the room's swivel desk chair. I felt a little crazy, but it worked...she stayed asleep when I put her to bed and our son was able to finish his movie.
    We also left "projects" at home and just went with the flow...loose expectations are the best kind!

    1. Amazing!! Yay for ingenuity! You're a wonderful mama! Hope you guys enjoyed DC! xo


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