Florida Part I

12:30 PM

We're finally back home! So in other words - let the photo dump begin! It should be known that there are still a total of four unpacked suitcases in our house but writing posts with lots of pictures is waaaay more fun than unpacking so here we are!
We spent our first week in Florida with my parents in New Smyrna Beach. We've been coming here with my family since I was in middle school and then papa bear joined our gang and this year Birdie graced us with her wonderful presence. And I must note that I had a lot of anxiety regarding bringing her with us, I worried about whether or not she would like the beach, ocean, pool, etc., I worried about how she would do on the flight there, I worried about keeping her hydrated and protected from the sun, basically the list of my worries was pages long. And yet!! This kid was the perfect plane buddy (she snuggled up to me and slept the whole time), absolutely LOVED the water, sand and sun and was an absolute joy to be around. I never take this girl's easy going personality for granted and I was especially thankful for it on this trip. A part of me feels like she is going to have withdrawals this week as she got so used to spending her days in the pool or the ocean just splashing away. 
We also had no shortage of good food on this trip - from my mum's incredible homemade pico de gallo, to our favorite crab joint on the water and of course the French bakery that holds a special place in our hearts (though papa bear paid a hefty price for all that gluten later that week but that story is for another post). 
The whole week we were here I couldn't help but shake the feeling of how "circle of life-ish" the whole experience felt. I remember being just a kid frolicking in the same pool, I remember being there as a teenage and crushing on young boys, I remember the year papa bear and I were dating but he didn't come with us and I missed him like crazy, I remember the year we were there just a few weeks away from our wedding day and now here we were going on five years of marriage with a baby in tow. I had just never felt more blessed or fulfilled. 
There's nothing quite like a vacation that reminds you of all your blessings and brings it all back to what really matters. And for that I am eternally grateful!

Later this week I'll be sharing Orlando, Epcot and some family photos we took on the beach!

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  1. goodness gracious you guys look so sweet. birdie is looking so much like you two. and i love living my baby crazy life vicariously through you, because you always seem to own all my favorite target picks :)

    1. Thanks so much Sara!! You are so sweet to say that! And Target is MY FAVORITE!! :) Hope you're having a great week!


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