Weekend of 8.3.12

1:30 PM

This weekend donuts reigned supreme. We didn't really plan for it but when presented with all sorts of divine piping hot donuts we are incapable of saying no. On Friday I tried the "psycho girl scout"  at our fave wing joint (and it was psychotically good - as you can see...). Then on Saturday morning we tried every donut under the sun at our local farmer's market. It was decadent to say the least. Besides all those donuts we played a game I found at the thrift store - Huggermugger (highly recommend by the way, it's incredibly fun!), spent an afternoon at the pool and enjoyed an impromptu candlelit evening when our power went out thanks to a thunderstorm. 
Today it's Monday and it's time for work but I still have two donuts left so it's not all bad...

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