Two days at Disney World

1:30 PM

Before heading to the beach we spent a week in Orlando with Kevin's family. I haven't been to Orlando since I was a teenager, or Disney World for that matter, so it was really fun to explore it as an adult. We had a lovely dinner with everyone in Animal Kingdom where we got to observe the giraffes as we ate! Mid week we headed out to Magic Kingdom and then Epcot. It was interesting to compare Magic Kingdom to Disneyland where we got to spend a lot of time last year in California. I have to say overall I think Disneyland kicked Magic Kingdom's butt. That's not to say we didn't have a wonderful time but if I were to pick between the two I'd say DL. 
Next we went to Epcot and that experience was just perfection! For two foodies like us it was heaven on earth. We also found that it was much less crowded than MK and had a calmer atmosphere in general. The highlight for me were the fish & chips we got in "England," they were phenomenal and I don't even particularly like fish and chips.
I'm already dreaming of going back next summer... baby in tow of course! 

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