A Week's Worth of Odds & Ends

1:30 PM

I didn't realize how much I missed the solitude and peace of our home until this week. I love waking up to nothing but the hum of birds outside our window. I love that I can hear every step Keesya takes on the wooden floors. We've had the record player going, I've spruced up the place with fresh flowers and the fridge is stocked with goodies from local farms. And the smell of linens dried outside always takes me back to my childhood...
My cousin is here for the weekend and we're looking forward to unwinding country style - long walks in the woods, breakfasts on the patio and fresh donuts from the farmer's market. I think we might pay a visit to the pool at the state park a few miles down the road from us; it's shaping up to be hot weekend already. 
Hope you have a lovely one!! 

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