23 weeks

10:00 AM

This belly has been coming in quite nicely the past couple of days. We haven't been doing as good of a job as we should be documenting it so we took a few minutes yesterday to capture it. It's still kind of surreal for me to see myself in the mirror! It's also hard to imagine that I'm going to get quite a bit bigger than this when it already feels like I'm being stretched to my limit. 
All in all I am feeling well. Sleeping is not what it used to be since I'm a stomach sleeper and long drives in the car are no fun at all but I'm feeling good, baby is moving around constantly and everything seems to be coming together well in preparation for bambino. 
And for that we are incredibly grateful!

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3 notes

  1. Congrats, Tatiana! So happy for you - you look beautiful. : )

  2. Ashley - Thank you SO, SO much!! We're thrilled! :) xo

  3. The specs are fabulous!


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