little things that have made me happy lately

8:39 PM

One of the biggest changes I've implemented in this last year is practicing constant gratitude in the moment. Wherever we may be, theoretically or physically, I try to notice things to be grateful for. Some days it's easier than others but even on the tougher days it helps to find little ray of sunshine. I wanted to write down some things that brought me joy last week:
  • John Coltrane on a cool, rainy morning with the windows open
  • The smell of apple hand pies bubbling in the oven
  • Teddy's warm little hand on my chest first thing in the morning
  • A good heart to heart with a friend I haven't seen all summer
  • Seeing Birdie's face light up when she spots me in her classroom through the glass door
  • Watching the first leaves make their graceful descent to the ground
  • The first taste of a warm and cozy pumpkin spice latte
  • Washing all the woolen things in preparation for the cooler days
  • Thumbing through some old, old books and imagining the lives of their past owners
  • Applying a perfect burgundy color, labeled "library," to my nails 
  • Pulling little drawings out of Birdie's backpack at the end of the day
  • Bringing home our first tiny little pumpkin
  • The smell of Mrs. Meyer's apple cider counter top spray in the kitchen
  • Watching all the fall things come into the stores, including cinnamon brooms
  • A box of my favorite macarons courtesy of a thoughtful husband 
  • Diffusing orange essential oil throughout the house
  • Crawling into clean sheets after a long bubble bath
  • The mist hovering over the cornfields in the mornings 
What about you? What's something that made your really happy today? 

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