taking stock vol. x

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It's here! My tenth one of these "taking stock" posts. I didn't even realize my last one was back in January of this year. It was actually pretty interesting to re-read it, to see where I was mentally and emotionally. I had written it before the tumult of this year began and I couldn't see leaving GA, leaving our home, moving back to the DC area and everything that came with that. It was bittersweet to go back to that place of calmness and newness that seems to hang around at the start of a new year. All those hopes and dreams just bursting out of their cocoons...
And now we're wrapping up September and are about to head into my favorite month. The move is behind us. Certain dreams have been snuffed out, some realized and some still waiting for an opportunity to crystalize. I can't say I knew this is where we would be but more and more I'm making peace with the "now." I was reading John O'Donohue out loud on our road trip to Pennsylvania this weekend and he spoke of how more often then not we're stuck in the past or the present, both of which bring us nothing but misery. I'm trying to break myself of that. To focus on now - on the giggles in the hallway, the sound of a snoring dog, the leaf twirling from the bottom of a spiderweb outside my window and the sound of the wind through the trees. Because now is good.

making: letter leaf garlands with the kiddos. Homeschool is proving to be a wonderful time for us to focus on learning but also on being together, completely distraction free. It's been wonderful to see how much we're all enjoying this experience.
cooking: honestly, not much. It's been such a hectic month. Between starting homeschool and launching the Valya Kids AW17 collection I haven't had time to eat, much less cook. But I'm really looking forward to making my turkey and white bean chili this weekend. It's the perfect thing to eat in front of a crackling fire.
drinking: way too much coffee I have to admit. Also, finding it very difficult to resist the siren song of the PSL.
wanting: a faux fur jacket for the winter. I always think it looks so chic on other women. However, I'm on the fence as to whether I will look like anything other than a stuffed animal in one...
looking: down. Trying to notice the beauty all around me. It's amazing the way just watching a squirrel do it's work for a minute can feel like a total mind reset. Nature is like a calming balm on our overworked, oversaturated and overstimulated minds.
wasting: time online window shopping for fall. I never seem to buy anything so perhaps that's my cue to stop.
wishing: it would be cold already. I'm so ready for all the layers - the hats, sweaters, jackets, thick socks and boots. Give me ALL of it!!
enjoying: reading all my homeschooling books. They've proven to be extremely inspiring even outside the school realm. It seems like we're always behind with our children's development, they're changing at a breakneck speed!
waiting: for our trip to Concord in November. I've never been and I hear it's the best time of year to go!
liking: media free mornings. I started a habit this summer of never allowing my phone to be the first thing my eyes see in the morning. Even if it's just ten minutes of looking out the window or a page or two from an inspirational book, I feel calmer, more centered and ready to start the day.
wondering: if we'll ever find a new place to call home. We lost out on a house we really loved this past weekend and it's been quite difficult to let it go. I think I'll be taking a little break from house hunting in the meantime.
loving: this sweater for fall. It's kind of what my dreams are made of.
hoping: for a snowy winter. Yes, I'm already dreaming of winter.
marveling: at a child's ability to learn, adapt and grow. Watching them pick up new concepts has been one of my favorite things about homeschool. It feels like such a privilege to watch it happen!
needing: a good camping spot for this fall. We like the idea of Shenandoah but there are so many campsites to pick from it's overwhelming!
smelling: my apple cider candle I picked up at Terrain this past weekend. It is the most delightful smell in all the land!
wearing: these two tops constantly. I wasn't sure about them all summer then once they went on sale I decided to risk it. Now I wish I had bought them sooner! So easy and so cute!
listening: my Celtic Relax station on spotify. Perfect backdrop for reading O'Donohue!
noticing: more and more wrinkles. Yikes! I find it so hard to treat my skin. It's still mostly oily and I get regular breakouts so I'm always confused as to what sorts of anti-aging products I'm supposed to use. Help!
knowing: that home is where the heart is. Never have I felt this to be more true than the last few months. No matter where we are, when it's the four of us together - it feels like home.
thinking: a lot about the future. So much will change next year and it feels equally exciting and frightening. Perhaps I'm just an adrenaline junkie in sheep's clothing...
feeling: grateful. Period. We have been loved on, supported and shown kindness by so many wonderful souls during this transition and I feel nothing but gratitude. People are good.
bookmarking: homes. Always. Thousands and thousands of homes. Is there anyway to house hunt without it become a full-blown addiction?
opening: some new books. I've been craving a good, light, fictional read and have given a few a try. So far nothing has stuck but hoping the next one - Tell The Wolves I'm Home is a good one!
giggling: with my husband on our date nights. I love that we can still make each other laugh ten years later. 

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