our favorite children's books (ages 2 + 4)

12:25 PM

We've always read books before bed with the kids but this was the year they really got into. They would get excited about picking out books at the library and then when it was their turn to pick one in the evening. Over the course of the year there have been a few books that have stolen the show, the ones they pick over and over again. The ones they know by heart. They are all unique but similar in the sense that they have lovely messages that we adore - family, the outdoors, respecting and valuing differences and bravery. [I've compiled a list with links to Amazon at the bottom.]

Out of all of these the favorite among both kids is without a doubt - The Littlest Family's Big Day by Emily Winfield Martin. Both kids know every line by heart and I melt every time they say in unison at the end "goodnight little wanderers." The illustrations alone are incredible and the story couldn't be more perfect for assuring a peaceful night's rest. And if like myself you're thinking that the illustrations are framable you have to visit her darling Etsy shop full of to die for prints! Like this one:

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