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10:57 AM

Happy Friday!! It's raining, it's pouring and I am not snoring. First load of laundry is ready for folding, second one is whirling away in the machine and one more pile is patiently waiting it's turn. And although I've got quite a lengthy list awaiting me (vacuuming, meal prep, work, grocery shopping, etc) I'm lighting some candles, putting on some Enya and making today as relaxing as possible. This crazy weather down south makes it feel like September rather than June most days and honestly I'm quite enjoying it!
I thought I'd round up some of my favorites from around the web lately in case your in the browsing mood this weekend:
  • This darling Madewell dress just screamed "birthday dress" to me. Kevin agreed and so happy early birthday to me! :)
  • I got us all salt rock lamps a few weeks ago (night lights for the kids) and we are all loving them. They give off the coziest glow at night. Birdie is sleeping so much more soundly now.
  • Finally ordered the Emily Winfield Martin print I've been coveting for years. Can't wait to get it in the mail next week!
  • While on vacation I realized I forgot my perfume at home. I wanted something that wouldn't break the bank but one that smelled a little more sophisticated than VS body sprays (remember those??). I came across these teeny tiny bottles of Pacifica spray perfume at Whole Foods and fell in love with the entire range. They smell more "essential oil" than perfume but I kind of love it!
  • I got Birdie her first Minnow suit for our vacation and she loved it! It's made of the most buttery soft material and couldn't be prettier. 
  • Speaking of birthdays these shoes would definitely be a splurge but hey, a girl can dream? Loeffler Randall is my forever "goals" shoe. 
  • And last but not least I picked up these throw pillow covers at Target the other day for $2.50 a piece (WHAT?!!) and it's amazing what a difference they made on the bed. Such a pretty fresh look! Run to your nearest Target to snag them before they're gone (look in the clearance section). 

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