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January is winding down and the grass is pushing through the cold ground, the finches and the sparrows are singing their springtime song and the bright sun reminds us of the warmth just around the corner. But today? Today is cold, frigid even if you stand with your face against the wind. The sun is bright and I'm relishing this quiet time. Birdie is at school and Teddy is down for his morning nap. Franny has generously spread herself across the carpet in a sun spot and Miles' snores can be heard from our bedroom. I'm about to tiptoe downstairs and make myself yet another cup of tea. But before I close my laptop and take this precious time to delve into the stack of books on my nightstand I thought I'd share some of the things that are getting a lot of love at our house these days:

- I've been wanting to do some reading about the newest "lifestyle trend" - hygge. When I spotted this adorable book I knew I had to have it! It's the perfect introduction to all things "hygge." In case you're interested - The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living.

- I'm obsessed with my Lindbergh candle that I got for christmas. They're handmade right here in Atlanta and the scents are out of this world! I'm constantly checking it to see how much is left because I have it burning practically all day!

- My whole family demands that I bake these cookies weekly. I dare you to find a better tasting cookie!!

- Birdie is finally taking an interest in all things Russian and we've slowly started to teach her some words. Of course I'm going overboard and ordering all the Russian children's books I can find

- Speaking of tea and coffee I've been eyeing an electric teapot for us just because boiling it on the stove is starting to get annoying. However, I think Kevin would agree that a coffee machine probably takes precedence. This is the one we're thinking of getting. But this teapot is sooooo pretty!!!

- I love my speckled mug from Anthro that seems to be sold out (I have the cafe one). But I'm on the hunt to add to our collection. All suggestions welcome!

- Once a year I spoil myself and order my favorite honey on earth. I swear this stuff is liquid GOLD. A spoonful in a cup of tea turns a beverage into dessert!! 

- The block love around here is still going very, very strong. I actually bought another set and added it to the basket. It's amazing how creative the kids get with their castles and towers. Love watching them play!

Enjoy the coziness my friends! We'll all be sweating soon and cursing the sun! ;)

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