taking stock vol. IX

1:36 PM

Volume ix, it's kind of crazy to think I've almost done ten of these. Here we are five months after my last taking stock post and although on the surface things haven't changed that much I feel like our life is in fact very different. There's a palpable new energy in the air and for the first time in a while I'm finding myself relishing these cold winter months. I'm busy but good busy - dreaming, planning, creating... The energy in our home feels decidedly hopeful and for that we are beyond grateful.

making: lots and lots of roasted vegetables. especially root vegetables - beets, carrots, squash and turnips. I just can't get enough of that caramelization that happens in the oven. Magic!!
cooking: hah, same answer perhaps? We're cooking a lot of pancakes and waffles for breakfast which is always something we gravitate towards during the colder months. Cozy meals are what we're all about.
drinking: I've created a new little habit - twice a day I will make myself a cup of tea with lemon and raw honey. I started doing it to soothe my ever present tonsilitis and it kind of stuck. Supposedly it can help suppress your appetite so... bonus!
wanting: a life that feels intentional, full but simple, peaceful and authentic.
looking: towards the future with timid optimism.
wasting: water on hot baths. It's my own little hot tub when my body feels tired and sore.
wishing: for one more snow before winter is over. Just one more!!
enjoying: this season of parenting our daughter. Many people told me four is wonderful and my goodness they weren't kidding. It's almost like she grew up overnight. She's socializing so much better at school, her curiosity is insatiable and we're loving the sudden appearance of a voracious appetite for reading. It's really, really fun to be her mum right now.
waiting: to see samples for the Valya Kids spring and summer line. I am soooo anxious!
liking: a new perfume. I picked up this Happ & Stahns perfume in jasmine during Anthro's big sale and although it's quite different from what I'm used to (very feminine) I quite like it!
wondering: how this year will pan out. At the beginning of 2016 we thought we had it all mapped out and then had our world thrown upside down. I'm wondering if we can have a calmer year this time.
loving: on our baby boy Miles. I was nervous about how we would feel once we brought him home but his playful and loving nature is really healing for all of us and in a tiny way it feels like Belle is still here with us.
hoping: a lot of the dreams we have for this year come true.
marveling: over the mind of a four year old. It's kind of incredible!!
needing: to get my health back in order. My goal for this year is to kick antibiotics for good!
smelling: dog pee. Yep. This is our life right now. Cleaning up accidents all day long. I forgot how much potty training puppies sucks.
wearing: this blanket cardigan every day since the day I bought it. Best $20 I've ever spent.
listening: to my forever fave - Enya. She just always puts me in the best headspace.
noticing: how much I miss Birdie when she's at school. Now that I'm not teaching on those days I miss her like crazy.
knowing: what I like and what I don't like. These things apparently become much more clear after 30, lol.
thinking: about minimalism. After watching the documentary on Netflix a few weeks ago Kevin and I cleaned out our home and took eight trash bags full of stuff to Goodwill. I'm determined to never again buy something that isn't a need. Life feels so much lighter!
feeling: hopeful, grateful, anxious and at peace.
bookmarking: dream vacation destinations. Maybe one of these days we'll be able to travel again.
opening: so many new books. I may just have to do a post on them! I'm proud of myself for how I did with my reading goals last year but I want to do even better this year!
giggling: with my kids. There's nothing more infectious than a toddler laughing!

That's it for today folks! Time to go do the dishes and send off some emails while the tiny tyrants sleep! Until next time!


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