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^ Teddy is absolutely obsessed with pumpkin, it doubles as a night light too! ^
^ can't believe how big our sweet Franny is getting!! ^
^ this girl adores doing chicken chores every morning ^
^ poor kid busted his lip the other day, boys will be boys I suppose ^

Happy friday friends!! It's the start of our fall break and though we don't have anything terribly exciting planned (well other than a root canal and cleaning out the garage, lol) I'm still massively looking forward to spending some quality time together as a family. 
On the drive home from preschool yesterday Birdie says to me "mama I wish papa didn't have to go to work every day," broke my heart but I was happy to inform her that at least for the next few days he will be home with us! That made her whole day and it's all she's been talking about ever since. I love how much this girl adores her father, he's her whole world and I know how lucky we all are to have him. Especially in the confusing world we live in today I feel lucky that our children will grow up looking up to a man that values, respects, uplifts and cherishes all people regardless of sex, class or race. I've been thinking a lot this week about recent events about the world my daughter is growing up in. I desperately hope it's a world where the abuse of women isn't so rampant, so normal, so par for the course. I hope and pray that perhaps by the time my little girl is a woman she won't have to fight so hard to be treated with respect, as an equal and to be taken seriously. 
During weeks like this one when the world feels heavy and dark and my spirit is weak I find that delving into and busying myself with the simple, little things lightens things up. We've been adding autumn decorations around the house - a mini pumpkin here and there and a nice hefty stack for the front door. Some cheerful garlands and plenty of bats for the nursery. We've made chili and a hearty vegetable stew, the carb intake in our family has been through the roof (give me all the bread and cheese!!). A few weeks ago some girls in our neighborhood were selling Otis Spunkmeyer goodies and against my better judgement I ordered us a huge box of chocolate chip cookies. Well they arrived on monday and it's frightening how quickly a family of four has devoured a very, very large box of cookie dough... Why are they so good? Seriously, what do they put in them?? Is it bad that I'm wishing I ordered two boxes instead of just the one???
The temperatures have finally started to dip below 60 in the mornings and we've spent many a chilly morning bundled up in bed reading books, a steaming cup of coffee in my hand. Speaking of coffee I've been brewing "pumpkin spice" coffee and then adding "pumpkin spice" creamer and the whole house smells like a giant spicy pumpkin and I couldn't love it more! I've also unpacked all of our winter clothes and accessories but I'm still waiting for the day that we get to wear it all - scarves, hats, gloves and coats! It's my absolute favorite! 
I really do love this month. October is full of so much good - county fairs, Teddy's birthday, pumpkins, cooler weather and the changing leaves. We also have a camping trip planned for the end of the month and we all can't wait! Birdie especially, she fell in love with camping last year and has been asking me for months now when we're going again. I can't wait to surprise her with her own tent! She won't be sleeping in it, of course, but I know her and Teddy will have a blast playing in it during the day. 
The kids and I are heading out the door for a much needed grocery store trip and then it's naps for all when we get home! We've got a fun evening planned that includes pizza, gelato and throwing pennies in fountains (for the kids, I'm just excited about pizza). Wishing you all a wonderful and restful weekend with your loves! Thank you for being here, for reading and for being a friend. Love to you!!

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