a week’s/month's worth of odds + ends

10:12 AM

^ watering my other babies ^
^ found that painting at a local antique store, score!! ^
^ new additions to our library ^
^ missing those gorgeous birch trees in Utah ^

We're in the tail end of July and summer is coming to a close. The heat will of course stay well into September but with Kevin starting work again in two weeks and Birdie heading off to preschool around that same time it's feeling like we're nearing the end. The end of lazy mornings with all four of us piled into our bed. The end of pool days and running through the sprinkler. The end of otter pops being considered a decent snack option and towels and damp swimsuits littering the downstairs. 
This autumn will bring many changes for our family and I am feeling all at once excited and terribly anxious. 
It's been nice to hunker down these last two months and just be us. To have library days and bbq days and just be lazy on the sofa days. And it's been nice to spend time with our families and friends back in DC and to have our little couple's vacation to Utah. My one wish at the beginning of the summer was that it would feel slow and it really truly did! I feel rested, reconnected, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the fall with all of it's unknowns, challenges and adventures! 

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