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Now that we're officially on summer break we've tried to switch up our routine a little bit to allow for more relaxing and more family time. It's such an amazing blessing that we get to have Kevin home with us during the summer and I want to take full advantage of it, use it as an opportunity to slow down a bit and savor this season in our life. 
We've been hitting the farmer's market together on Tuesdays and taking our time talking to the vendors and letting the kids explore everything they have to offer. We've gone to the lake for the day and we've been reading with the kids more and allowing for more play which of course means more messes (there's a cerulean blue stain on the rug in the dining room to prove it). We've gone through a lot of watermelons, a good amount of sunscreen and a decent sized stack of library books. Speaking of books we've been loving all the beautifully illustrated books by Oliver Jeffers like this one
As far as what we've been wearing I've been living in my oaxacan dress that I found on Amazon of all places! It's perfect for a hot day and is made of the loveliest linen (washes well too!). Oh and I can't forget these sandals! Old Navy is killing it with their summer line and I want just about everything! The kids are also wearing these adorable linen shorts almost every day. I also got the kids matching swimwear and my heart skips a beat every time I see them together!
For our day at the lake I wanted to pack as minimally as possible which with two little kids is a herculean feat but I did my best. Having a basket that can fit everything but the kitchen sink helps as do these enamel dishes that weigh next to nothing. And our Gathre mat is a total game changer! The kids beat it to death and it still looked brand new after a wipe down! Kevin was skeptical but even he declared by the end of a day that he is obsessed! If you'd like to give one a try head over to my instagram as I'm having a giveaway for one right now! 

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