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^ our buddy Algy aka Ernest ;) watching over us from atop the fireplace ^
^ Birdie has been the best little helper around the kitchen lately ^
^ what could be better than homemade bread, butter and jelly with a cup of tea? ^
^ slowly making my way through this stack ^
^ is there anything better than summer linens? ^

I haven't done one of my odds & ends posts in ages but the other day I was going through my archives and it was such a wonderful walk down memory lane to look through these posts in particular. I also appreciate that it forces me to break out my DSLR camera instead of just using my phone. On that note here's what we've been up to lately...
It's been a lot of baking and spending our mornings and afternoons and occasionally evenings outside. Our chickies have given us the added motivation to be outdoors more often and Birdie loves helping with their chores every day. It's kind of unbelievable to see how much they've grown in just five weeks! So far we have names for three of them - our big white one is Luna, our feisty ginger pictured above is Vivi and the biggest Plymouth Rock one is named Suzette. The other three kind of all look the same so we're waiting to name them. 
Other than that we've also started eating dinner as a family around 6:30 and it's been totally life changing. I want to write a separate post about it because I have so much to share about it. It was partially spurred by the fact that we realized a few weeks ago that we officially have two toddlers, not a toddler and a baby and that is truly life changing. We've been sleeping better, the kids have acclimated to sharing a room and life here has acquired a delightful and somehow familiar rhythm. It just really, really feels so good to be HOME. 
It's three o'clock in the afternoon and I have had the luxury of being holed up in the office the past few hours while the littles sleep. Nora Jones is serenading me and I'm watching the chickens peck about in the coop and listening to the wind blow through the lush foliage that's exploding outside my window. It's been a quiet and sweet day. Lots of playing and a, thankfully, uneventful trip to the grocery store to re-stock our apple and banana supply because these kids power through about five pounds of both every week! I'm sure they'll be up any minute now so I'll sign off and wish you all a wonderful evening and rest of the week! Just think by this time tomorrow it will almost be Friday!!

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