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I think we're finally over the cold front as the temperatures have been well over 80 all week. Naturally I've started up scooping up sandals and tank tops and dreaming of making out to the beach some time this summer. I'm also turning 30 (WHAT????) in two months so I've been doing a little bit of birthday window shopping. Of course I can't help but get googly eyes over the Ace & Jig summer line.  I got Gwyneth's new cookbook in the mail last week and now I'm just dying for our farmer's market to start up that's only a quarter mile away so I can put the cookbook to good use! Speaking of cooking and cleaning I recently became obsessed with these Lola brushes. We've always been devotees of the Ikea $2 brushes but these feel like they have much more scrubbing power and I'm always happy when we can switch from plastic to a natural material. I've also kind of been obsessing over the Mrs Meyers bluebell scent - so sweet and summery.
I did a huge overhaul of my makeup supply this month (I had been using the same brushes since 2012!) and added something that I swear has been a game changer! I got this Nars light reflecting pressed setting powder and it's basically a snapchat filter come to life! It just evens everything out, softens lines and makes my skin feel uber soft. I honestly don't know how I ever lived without it!
This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous and I'm looking forward to many meals on our patio and maybe a nap or two. It's crazy to think we're nearing the end of April and May will zoom by as always and Kevin will be on summer break! I know he is desperately yearning for more time with the kiddos and lord knows I could use a break :), so it will be perfect! And speaking of summer I'm so excited about this new kiddo swimwear line - Minnow. Teddy is lean little guy so the only kind of swim shorts that stay on him are little briefs like the ones above. Aren't they adorable?? And I don't think I can resist this darling tee from my fave - The Bee & the Fox
Oh and last but not least I am completely helpless when it comes to Anthro planters. Could they get any cuter??
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend my friends! Love and light to you!!


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