mother's day 2015

10:18 PM

This mother's day I had the honor of sharing my story over at the phenomenal blog Coffee + Crumbs. I so value what the talented women behind it are doing for all of us mamas by giving us a voice and supporting us in this incredibly difficult, rewarding, complicated and wonderful journey of motherhood. 
Above is the only photo I have from my "delivery." The photo is of my father holding up a bag of food that he brought my mum. Since men were absolutely not allowed in L&D wings in Russia my mother would lower a "rope" she would make out of the sheets there and my father would tie it to a basket full of clean clothes, books and food for her. She in turn would fill the baskets with her laundry and letters to keep my father and family updated. 
Just a few weeks ago my mum discovered these letters and shared them with us. I wept like a baby and read and re-read them. It was incredible to hear her try and describe every single one of my features to my father only using words... Could you imagine?? Below she writes: "I love you so much and I'm so happy that I was able to give you a daughter. I miss you terribly. How are you faring in the apartment all by yourself? Don't miss me too much. Hugging you tight and sending my kisses. Yours... The evening of July 3."

Happy mother's day to all of us!!


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