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8:40 AM


I still can hardly believe it!! I never had a strong feeling one way or another this time around but a few weeks ago I had a dream about the delivery and I distinctly remember being told "here is your son." Son... We are going to have a son. I've been rolling that word around in my head all day, trying to wrap my mind around what that will mean. 
I did kind of want sisters, both for myself growing up, and for Birdie now, but parenthood is a funny thing... The moment I saw this sweet boy's face up on that screen I fell head over heels for "my boy." He is my gift and my joy and I can't wait for his big sister to meet and love him. What a privilege to be a mummy to a girl AND a boy!! His profile is already so different from Birdie's and I may be partial but he looks like quite a handsome little fella! Long face and long nose that is reminiscent of my paternal grandfather. 
And above anything papa bear and I both feel so incredibly blessed and relieved to be granted another healthy and growing baby. Because that's all that really matters. Now I just need to grow this little boy of ours inside me a little longer until we can hold him and see his darling face in person. Somehow knowing that I'm carrying a boy has made this all the more real and our family and home feel a little bit fuller with the spirit of this unborn child. 

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