a week's worth of odds & ends

7:57 AM

^ I finally got to use the pillowcase I've been saving for our child for 2 years! ^
^ this is me, in the morning, with no make-up ^*
^ Birdie's favorite new books from BabyLit ^
^ me ready for a movie mama, aren't we all my darling... ^
^ new office chair that is changing my life! ^
I had all these big plans to tell you all about our week today. And I will I suppose, but very briefly. Because yesterday the full moon decided to shine all of it's bad juju all over the day and folks, it was one for the record books. By four in the afternoon our house looked as if a pack of wolves had had their way with it. Papa bear emerged weary from the nursery with an inconsolable baby and informed me that the reason she had been quiet for the last fifteen minutes was due to the fact that he simply let her rip one of her books to shreds. Whatever works I shrugged, peeking out from my mountain of papers. It hadn't been this bad since she was a newborn but that's first molars for you I guess. 
It was such an uninstagrammy day. I looked like something that lived in a sewer, we all had boiled hot dogs for lunch because... they were there??? The bucket of diapers that had been begging to be washed since oh I don't know... monday? Were stinking up the bathroom something awful and on top of everything Belle was in one of her Dowager Countess moods so there was a lot of snapping going on. Not by Belle but by me, she was mostly indignant. Towards everything. And by six o'clock we couldn't even see the floor anymore.
It was then that we decided that the only thing left to do was... go to McDonald's of course! So while papa bear bounced Birdie around I ran like mad through the house, dumping everything in baskets to make things look remotely presentable (I have a thing about coming home to dirty house so), we popped a hat on Birdie and out the door we went. A few minutes later she was asleep and we were listening to the radio under the full moon, french fries in hand. And just like that all was right with the world again. We even held hands on the way home!! McDonald's is just that romantic I suppose. 
From the sounds of it we weren't the only ones who had a dastardly day and my heart reaches out to all of you. But today? Today is friday (FINALLY!!!) and papa bear made us coffee and the sun is out and I think we might be ok here. And so here's to a lovely weekend and here's to hoping the worst is over with Birdie and her teething!

* I'm trying this new thing this year where I'm ok with not always wearing makeup. It's funny the way we are conditioned as women to not think our faces are worth looking at without being painted. Ironically most of the time when papa bear tells me I'm beautiful it's in the morning, when I first wake up, clean face and all. Makes me think of these lines from Beyonce's new album:
And when I'm standing in this mirror
After all these years
What I'm viewing is a little different
From what your eyes show you
I guess I didn't see myself before you

I suppose I'm re-training my mind in a way, to see myself differently than what I've been used to. Pre-makeup all I see in the mirror is every imperfection - every line, wrinkle, sun spot, bump and dark circle. I'm hoping with time I'll see something else... And kudos to magazines like Verily that are helping all of us feel beautiful just the way we are!

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