Lunch at Terrain!

10:17 AM

"Well by George! This place is swell! Swell I say!"
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was full of time with friends and family and it just felt sooo good for the soul. But more on that later!
I wanted to share a few photos from our lunch at Terrain during our Philly trip. I had been dying to go there for years and it did not disappoint! First of all papa bear had to physically drag me away from all the adorably curated shelves at the store and then we inhaled their magical popovers that I'm certain I'll be dreaming of for years. I also have to mention that the staff there are so incredibly sweet and warm and when it comes to restaurants that is a huge deal for me. I also just really enjoying being a part of such a well thought out experience that probably used to be a cherished dream for someone. Nothing was expected or average about Terrain and it just felt like an honor to get to enjoy someone's vision come to life! It really is unlike anything I had experienced before and we are already planning a trip back!

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