More Christmas... Less Stuff

7:58 AM

I was recently inspired by this post from Jen about Christmas
Part of my attraction to the idea behind paring down Christmas, so to speak, was of course the obvious - it feels like Christmas gets crazier every year. Part of it was the desire to start our Christmas traditions on the right foot now that we will have a child in our family. And lastly, part of the attraction simply came from practicality - I am well aware that picking, shopping and wrapping gifts with a newborn at home was going to be a challenge this year. So I figured why not try something different?!
And so we decided to follow the "something you want, wear, need and read" rule that Jen created for her family. It's so simple but still gives you freedom and the opportunity for some gifts that will be just indulgences. 
Now don't get too excited, I have not every remotely started shopping even for these gifts but I did put together a few wish lists for our family that I would love to share with you!
And because I believe there can never be too many good ideas I'd love to hear what, if anything, you and your family are doing to simplify Christmas this year!

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