A Week's Worth of Odds & Ends

11:13 AM

This was the week when in the mornings you could really sense autumn fast approaching. But the afternoons were still strictly reserved for summer's last hours. I took the opportunity on Monday afternoon to capture some last moments of summer at the farm/school. It's a rather odd time now, this tug of war between summer and fall... Pumpkins are appearing everywhere and yet it's not quite jacket weather. Regardless we've had a beautiful couple of days and for that I am grateful.
I'm also grateful that the nursery is finally slowly but surely coming together. We purchased a gigantic dresser for all the little baby things we've been acquiring and it was strange to put away blankets and tiny clothes in the brand new drawers. Three months people! Three months and there will be a tiny person to wear those clothes... It's still surreal to me. 
Looks like this weekend promises even lower temperatures so keep your fingers crossed! Perhaps we'll get to wear a jacket after all!

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