wishing you a cozy weekend

7:08 AM

Did this week just whiz by for you too? I feel like once we hit Halloween everything went into fifth gear and it was thursday before I knew it! Lord knows I'm not complaining though, very much looking forward to this weekend and getting back outdoors with the kiddos. They had so much fun camping that keeping them indoors at any point of the day has become a struggle. Thankfully the temperatures have been right around 60 degrees, aka perfect play weather. We're thinking of heading to the zoo but not sure of the crowds. I'm figuring most tourists should be gone by now but you never know. And speaking of the National Zoo what a blessing it is to be back in this city where all of these incredible activities and sights are free to all. It always killed me that in Atlanta it cost upwards of $75 for a family of four to go to the Fernbank.

Here are some things that caught my eye this week:

- Adore Sara Blakely. Love this advice. Also loving her on Shark Tank this season!

Have a wonderful weekend my loves!!


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