gift guide for little girls

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I shared my gift guide for girls today over on the Valya Kids journal. Here's how our traditional "need/wear/want/read" idea breaks down here:

- need: nightlight
- wear: skirt
- want: fairy house kit 
- read: book

For our kids this year we decided to do things a little differently. We felt a little overwhelmed last year and decided instead to do one big gift for each child (this wooden toy tool bench for Teddy and the dollhouse for Birdie as it's the only thing she's been asking about for months now) and then stocking stuffers and a book for each one. Instead of having all the focus be on the gifts Christmas day we try to plan things the entire holiday season that make it special and memorable. As usual we're planning a trip to the Nutcracker ballet, mummy/daughter and daddy/son dates, ice skating and this year we're probably going to plan on cutting down our own tree at some point. For more family ideas for this season check out my post from last year. I can't wait for it all! The hot cocoa, the music, the twinkle lights, the pine smelling candles... 
What are some of your most cherished family holiday traditions? I love hearing the unique ways that every makes the season their own. 

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