to my sweet baby boy on his third birthday

2:37 PM

The clock showed 4:52 and my mind instantly zoomed back to that moment. That operating room. The lights, the sheet in front of me, all of the people. The beeping and the creeping numbness. And then in a flash it faded away. It was just you and me. My body having just released you and you uttering the fiercest cry. My warrior love child. 
One of the very first things someone said about you was "from the back he looks like a tiny man." And it couldn't be more true. Physically you are all about grit, dirt, intensity and anything that's loud, dangerous and exudes strength and authority. But beneath that is the softest most loving heart. Baby boy you love on this family like no one else I've ever met. Not a day goes by that you don't tell me I'm beautiful, that Daddy "you wook hansome!" or to your older sister "Wow! You are amazing Vowsya!" You tell us you love us constantly, heck you tell the checkout lady at Target you love her! And why not? You give like there's no tomorrow. Always happy to share and always picking flowers, feathers and rocks to give away as gifts. 
I never knew a love quite like this. I never knew we could have a house full of trucks, robots, superheroes and anything blue but also have a home so full of tenderness and care. And lord knows you push me and yet when you've gone to far no one is quicker to apologize and offer the most genuine hug than you. You are an enigma and a mystery and although understanding you can be difficult at times this journey we've been on for the last three years has been the best one. Just when we think we have you figured out you throw us a curveball and we have to adjust and learn and change. Thank you for that. Thank you for keeping us on our toes and for constantly reminding us that all of life is a mystery and that we all have so much more to give than we know. You are the biggest joy and the perfect piece for our puzzle that we didn't even know was missing until you came along. 
We can't wait to see where three takes you but we sure know it's gonna be good!! 

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