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I know generally these types of posts go out on Fridays but personally I can never find the time. Friday are the busiest days for me - finishing up work projects, cleaning and preparing for the weekend. Over the weekend is when I have time to read, browse and just take things in.

We spent this past weekend at my parent's cabin in Virginia and came home refreshed, renewed and smelling of smoke. There was fishing, and "s'moring" as Birdie calls it, picnicking and sleeping and it was just what we needed. Made me miss the old days of living at our cabin. It's where we're happiest for sure. In the quiet, where the only sounds are the whispering trees, birds that rise with the sun and the sound of your feet on the earth.

Here are some things I found interesting over the course of the week or this weekend:

I'm reading and re-reading this as I start the week. Breathe in. Breathe out. 

A very eye-opening look at the Young Living and DoTerra businesses. I feel like I need to add the disclaimer that our family has loved and used oils for years. It's not the oils themselves that are of concern, thankfully.

Always loved A&F for their quality. Hated them for their "scent." And falling head over heels for the fall collection. Great prices. Good looks. I mean this sweater?? 

I've gotten asked about our enamelware quite a bit lately and this is the one we have. I adore it because a) it's not plastic b) it's toddler-proof c) it's re-usable but super light and takes up next to no room d) it's easy to pack and clean. One tip: if it get's really scratched up at any point and good scrub down with some baking soda will have it looking brand new!

Now that the weather is cooler we're doing a lot of impromptu picnics where I always grab our enamelware, this basket and this mat. Easy and quick!

I love the videos The Atlantic has been putting out this year and my heart almost skipped a beat when I saw they did one with David Sedaris last week!

People have a lot of #feelings about motherhood and social media as of late. This was an interesting take on it. I'm curious what your thoughts are? Does it help or does it hurt? Or is it somewhere in-between?

Couldn't dream up a more perfect dinner for a dark and rainy October night! So easy too!

Obsessed. Especially "Sam." Breaks my heart every time. 

The sweetest Halloween book that Birdie is in love with right now. This one too!

And speaking of Halloween if you're like me and doing the costume game last minute more often than not you just can't go wrong with "baby bear" for the wee ones. This one is cute as hell, under $30 and prime shipping! Get it!

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