teddy turns three!!

5:00 AM

In our experience three is the first birthday that your child really understands the concept of birthdays and get's quite excited about the whole thing. All of September Teddy would ask if it's his birthday tomorrow. He would point out things he would like as gifts and we talked about it incessantly. His excitement level was as high as my anxiety about him turning three. There's something about three, a kind of line in the sand. Your baby, your toddler, is officially gone. Once you cross that threshold you start the downward slide into things like preschool, counting, reading and generally drifting further and further away from needing you. It's always tough pill for me to swallow. 
But all those confusing emotions aside I couldn't wait to plan a "beary happy birthday" party for my little boy. He requested a "bear cake" so I kind of ran with that theme. I wanted the day to be simple and sweet. After more than half a dozen birthday parties under our belts we know that they never really need that much - a cake (or something like it), a candle to blow out, balloons, presents to open and to be loved on and adored. 
There were presents that were greedily torn open, oohs and aahs escaping over the sparkler candle that fired away to the tune of "happy birthday" and beary chocolate cupcakes devoured. The presents were than played with on the deck while the sun slowly set behind us. Teddy's face glowed the entire day. He's such a simple boy, never demanding or one to want a lot of attention - always happy to be his big sister's shadow; so it was nice to make this day just about him. 
We love you Teddy boy!! 

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