easter gift basket for boys

12:48 PM

I'm usually all about unisex when it comes to clothing and toys but I happen to have a very, very manly little boy :) so I thought I'd put together a separate post for things that he would love vs. his sister, what can I say they have wildly different interests. I still stuck to the same idea - to read, to wear, to create and to play.
Teddy has always been jealous of his big sister's backpack so I think getting his very own would be a wonderful surprise for him. The bunny is something he already has. I included it in his very first easter basket and it ended up becoming his "lovie." You just can't go wrong with Jellycat - they're super soft, come in all kinds of colors and if you, like us, have the misfortune of losing one they're very easy to replace either via Amazon or most children's toy stores. This year we're also very into doing everything "just like papa" so I included some handy dandy kids shades. 
And what better way to welcome spring as a child than with your very own bug catcher kit and a new pair of wellies?

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