a week's worth of odds + ends

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^ sunday is meal prep day ^
^ he seems so big lately, and so handsome too ^
^ crafting all day long ^
^ signs of spring ^
^ her favorite spot for her afternoon nap ^

Things have been a little quiet here as I have been knee deep in everything related to launching the Valya Kids spring and summer line. It's been exhausting, exhilarating, anxiety inducing and every emotion in between but as we near the finish line I couldn't be more proud of what we are about to release. In between all of that we've seen some signs of spring, enjoyed a wonderful weekend with my parents, visited the kids' great-grandma and stole away to the mountains for a few days during Kevin's spring break. 
As our lives get busier and busier I've found that planning, being intentional, lists and schedules are key to keeping my sanity. I have been trying to dedicate time exclusively to the kids, or to work, or to our marriage or to our home in an effort to be more productive and intentional in every area. I've also gotten better about meal planning and guys... this is totally old news but it makes SUCH  a difference! Today is Thursday and we haven't eaten out once since Sunday morning! For our family this is huge!! 
I have to say to that I am really enjoying the ages that the kids are at now. They play together fabulously, can do most of the same activities and are more or less equally well behaved in public. It's just so nice to not dread taking them out for a meal or even a trip to the grocery store the way I used to. A toddler acquiring the gift of reason is everything to me!! That's not to say I don't still have moments when I'm "that parent" that everyone is staring at at Target, mouths agape. But it certainly happens a lot less frequently these days. And for that I am eternally grateful. 

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