o tannenbaum! o tannenbaum!

10:59 AM

I've been dreaming of taking family pictures at a Christmas tree farm for years. It's pretty much my favorite place in the whole world and I can't think of a more beautiful backdrop. So when my friend Dasha volunteered to take our Christmas card photos there I was thrilled!!
The weather around here has been so bi-polar as of late but I was hoping and praying that we wouldn't be sweating through our coats and hats and sweaters. And lo and behold it was even chillier than I expected so our choice of clothing wasn't out of place. In fact I felt like we could have dressed warmer, especially once the sun started to set.
As usual the experience was pure chaos but we wouldn't have it any other way. Teddy has, as papa says, only one speed - running. So most of our efforts were spent chasing him amongst the trees. My friend's husband was on hand to help which allowed for us to get a few photos of just the two of us (THANK YOU!!). He was so excited about his cinnamon pretzel which both of our kids demolished with their grubby hands and ridiculous appetites in minutes. Poor guy!
For the most part the kids were champs, Birdie especially. She's at the age where she actually enjoys having her picture taken and will smile when asked to. Major thanks to Dasha for capturing our crazy family and for making us look a lot better than we do IRL, lol! How she managed to get any photos of Teddy still baffles me as this kid will not sit still for even a minute!
If you are local (Atlanta) make sure to check out Dasha's site and book a session with her. She has the sweetest personality and is so fun to work with! The session felt natural and there was lots of laughter and silliness, just as it should be!

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