birdie turns three!

1:04 PM

Our sweet Birdie's third birthday has come and gone. There is one lone number three balloon that is aimlessly drifting around the first floor. The toys have all been played with and there is only one slice of birthday cake left in the fridge. This afternoon we will settle down to write thank you cards and talk about gratitude and humility... with my three year old. 
The birthday party was so much fun. In fact I don't think Birdie has ever had this much fun. Having her cousins over was the absolute highlight of her day! Most of these photos were taken just before the guests arrived as I wanted to be able to put my phone and camera down for the party and be present in the moment so that I could remember the way she ever so carefully unwrapped each gift, the way her eyes glowed when everyone sang happy birthday and the way she effortlessly blew out all three candles. I will always remember the way she hugged her cousins goodbye and watched them leave through the window finally turning to me and saying "will the rest of me friends stay?" I will always remember seeing her bounding through the house in her gingham birthday dress, cousins in tow and just beaming with joy. 
It was a perfect day to celebrate our perfect girl surrounded by family and friends and her baby brother who was a little bit confused and a good bit jealous (but we figured things out :)). 

 photo birdiebirthday3.gif

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