taking stock vol. IV

9:07 AM

cooking: every slow cooker recipe I can get my hands on. Send any of your favorites my way!
drinking: coffee. Too much coffee. This is the third week in a row that it has been raining here in the ATL and it's the only thing that helps me drag myself out of bed on an overcast and rainy morning.
wanting: all the Christmas decorations. Really, I have no self control when it comes to this stuff at all.
looking: for the perfect black boots. I have ankle boots but I would like a knee high pair. Any suggestions?
wasting: zip lock bags. It's kind of obscene how many we go through in our family.
sewing: things that are too long. It seems like I find something new to hem every week!
wishing: for a very, very, very white Christmas. 
enjoying: these rainy days. Although waking up is tough I am definitely loving our cozy days at home that include lots of fuzzy blankets, warm socks, piles of books and steaming cups of coffee.
waiting: for Thanksgiving to be here! I get to have my parents here for almost an entire week! Yippee!!
liking: having two toddlers. I desperately miss many things about my kids being babies but having two walkers who can actually play with each other is incredible!
wondering: where we'll be next year...
loving: Aziz Ansari's new show "Master of None." We've been holed up in bed every night devouring this show! 
hoping: for a good resolution to several things that have been on our minds as of late.
marveling: at the little lady that Birdie is growing into. It's unreal how quickly they become mini adults!
needing: still on the hunt for that perfect winter coat...
smelling: the myriad of fall scented candles I've filled our home with. Yum!!
noticing: that yes, stores keep getting Christmas stuff in earlier and earlier, but also noticing that I don't actually mind that much!
knowing: not much! Still so much up in the air! Hoping for some certainty in the new year.
thinking: about the book I just finished - Fates and Furies. One of the best books I've read in a while.
feeling: content with a hint of anxiety. Ha!
bookmarking: ideas for Birdie's third birthday party that is just around the corner!
opening: junk mail. Nothing but junk mail. We hit November and all of a sudden everyone and their uncle has a catalogue! Ugh!!
giggling: over Teddy's idea of "dancing." Basically he rocks from side to side like a roly-poly. 

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