a thankful list

7:24 PM

As I sit here on this thanksgiving eve a brined turkey in the fridge and traces of my feeble attempts at pie making still on the counter top my mind drifts over these three people... And over all the wonderful things in my life that I often take for granted like:

Teddy's babbles coming through the baby monitor in the morning
Stumptown's "winter cheer" iced coffee
A surprise hug from my fiercely independent girl
All those fluffy knits that exploded in stores over the last month
Christmas candles, all of them 
My husband's arms around my waist
The pitter patter of little feet that my heart has been patiently waiting for since I was young
A close parking space (I'm lazy)
Chick-fil-A and it's stellar employees
The kindness of strangers
Birdie's artwork and her love of "kwafts"
Getting so lost in a good book I don't notice the bath water getting cold
Any Adele song but especially "Million Years Ago"
The Real Housewives franchise (Andy you are my hero)
Finding money in one of my winter coats
A moody rainy day complete with warm blankets, coffee and my favorite records
People who have seen me at my worst, believe the best in me and love me for who I am
Picking out Christmas cards
The way Birdie will wrap her arms around my neck as she wakes in the morning
Swiffer wipes but also wipes in any form
The excitement of the season
The warmth of our home when coming in from the bitter cold
Tiptoeing through the house when all my loves are sleeping and the sun is just coming up
Warm, crisp sheets from the dryer

And so much more! I hope your home overflows with laughter, is bursting with love and hugs and good found abound this Thanksgiving! And THANK YOU for being here with our family through all these years!

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