halloween 2015

10:38 AM

This was the one you guys... The halloween to end all halloweens! We went on Friday because we would be traveling to a wedding on Saturday. It was the most glorious fall day - warm, a hint of chill in the air and all the trees in their peak autumn beauty bathed in an orange pinkish glow as the sun began to set. We had one eager Sherlock Holmes and one very sleepy baby bear in the backseat as we traveled to a local "trunk-or-treat."
Our little teddy bear shook the sleep from his paws and as soon as he was released onto the ground began running with the glee that you only see on children when they first discover walking, or in our case running. Ms. Holmes adjusted her hat and in a very serious tone told us "I want to go chicka-tweet! Please!" How could we say no? We were defenseless against that drawn on mustache.
And so we went! I held hands with both our kids (kids??? kids?? I couldn't get over the fact that I was out trick-or-treating with my TWO kids!) and we made our way over to the festive trunks of cars spilling over with candy and cobwebs and balloons.
Birdie delivered her lines with humble timidity but her hands were rather nimble when it came to picking up more than one piece of candy. She was easily forgiven and given a pat on her head and sent along to the next car. After we had made the rounds and her basket had grown heavy she declared that she must eat all her candy "now, right here." So we found and bench and plopped them both down and watched them ravage the basket until they were both a sweet sticky mess. Finally, once the sun had almost completely retreated behind the trees we let them each have one more lollipop, collected all the wrappers and strapped them back into their seats. It was mostly a silent drive home save for the one time Birdie opened her blue green mouth and said "I waik chicka-tweet. I had so much fun!" And I'm pretty sure our hearts burst right there.
It never fails to amaze me just how little it takes to make a child's day and just how much their joy makes my life worth living. It just doesn't get much better than this!!

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