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I love these posts my friend Ashely does on thursdays and I think it's a nice way to organize the jumbled up things flying around in my head as of late. Happy tuesday folks!!

THINKING ABOUT: Honestly, social media. I feel like every few months I end up assessing how I use it and how I feel about it. When I took a break from the internet a few years ago I vowed to not re-introduce it to my life unless I was sure that I wouldn't need it as an ego boost. Even since then I try to avoid the usual land mines that can suck me back into that negative cycle of needing, needing, needing and ultimately feeling unsatisfied; but it's not always easy. It's especially hard when you see people in your circle doubling or tripling their numbers and being rather shameless about their new "fame." Taking a few days off and delving into a creative activity more often than not helps ground me again and remind me that for me it's not about the fame or the numbers, it's about relationships and I have been so blessed to build many amazing ones. 

FEELING: Like we're all about ready for summer vacation around here. Papa bear is worn out from dealing with many cases of senioritis at school (remember that?? lol). We're worn out from our routine that could use more sun, water and sand. I've begun to shop for swimsuits and sandals and Birdie is in desperate need of new summer hat. Speaking of which I love the idea of this one for her.

THANKFUL FOR: My parents coming this weekend. Papa bear has a work trip and I just had a total freak out over handling these two on my own for four days so my parents generously offered to come and help. I am so looking forward to my mum's cooking and to having someone else carrying these babies for me for a little while. I'm also hoping we can squeeze in some fun activities since I've been dying to show my parents around this wonderful city that we now call home and love so much. 

EATING: Sweet potatoes and chicken. A lot. We finally realized that if we want to avoid eating out constantly that prepping our meals on sunday is key. We've started baking a dozen sweet potatoes and grilling enough chicken breasts to last us all week almost every sunday now. It's perfect because that gives us oodles of easy meal options. We throw the chicken on salads or just eat it as is. And sweet potatoes are delicious reheated in the microwave with some butter and salt. Sometimes if I'm feeling fancy I'll throw on some sautéed kale on top and make it extra delicious!

LISTENING TO: The new Sufjan Stevens album Carrie & Lowell. We've always enjoyed his music around here but I think everyone can agree that this is his best album yet. Kevin was so blown away by it in fact that he sent me on a solo errand trip just so I could enjoy the album by myself. And I'm so glad I did. It was a rainy and stormy night and the perfect backdrop to Stevens' haunting lyrics and angelic voice. There's so much packed into these seemingly simple songs that I intend of listening to them any chance I get. 

WATCHING: Parenthood. All day. Every day. Well not all day (I wait until papa bear is home so we can watch it together) but definitely every day. We're in the middle of season five and I can't bear the thought of it being over. We were discussing how we have both now reached the point where we cannot disconnect from the fact that these are not real people. To me the Bravermans will always be alive and well somewhere in California. 

READING: Joan Didion's collection of essay's titled The White Album. I'm always itching for more of Didion's writing and I was so excited to order this collection. The timing of it couldn't be more perfect as I already find myself relating to so many of the struggles she discusses in these pages. I also find myself inevitably coveting her talent as I would give anything to be half the writer that she is. And with two littles ones always vying for my attention the fact that this book is divided into bite size essays makes it perfect for me!

LOVING: Spring and summer shopping! I've always inadvertently seemed to match my outfits with Teddy but lately I am really loving creating coordinating little sets for my little girl and I. Here's one that I'm dying to make happen one sunny day:

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  1. I love these sorts of posts!

    I followed Parenthood like a mad woman, myself! If you haven't watched it already, when P-hood is over check out Brothers & Sisters. My husband and I just finished "Manhattan" too, which I loved. It's about the scientists and their families in the 40's working on the first atomic bomb. (on Hulu!)

    I love the idea of pre-cooking your main course and side over the weekend to last through the week. Waiting an hour for a sweet potato to bake definitely makes me skip them when I'm wanting a quick fix!

  2. Oh girl so much of this resonates with me too! We can't wait for summer vacay!! Kevin's a teacher too right? It's so nice they get the summer's off! The sweet potatoes & chicken sound like a good plan to me as well!
    Also we were watching Parenthood on Netflix but it's only available on the American Netflix & not the Canadian one. We had jimmy rigged it so we had the American one but now it's not working :( You guys get such better options on there! And we love Sufan! Did not know he had a new album!

    <3 Kastles


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