packing a diaper bag for a toddler + a baby

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You might be surprised to know that when Birdie was a baby I used to carry a lot more in my diaper bag. Since Teddy is my second baby I've learned a few things here and there and figured out how to pack as little as possible but at the same time how to have absolutely everything we may need. So in no particular order here are the things I would never be caught without:
  • a swaddle blanket - as a rain cover for the carseat, a blanket, or something protective to change the kids on in a pinch
  • a bottle and a sippy cup - these are obvious but it took me a few mishaps to realize they are both non-negotiable when out 
  • paci - both my kids love these natursutten ones
  • re-usable bag - because you never know when you need one 
  • wallet - duh
  • fork and spoon - I always carry this with me because Birdie is always more confident about trying something new if she has her trusty silverware set with her
  • toys - those wooden balls will keep Teddy occupied for practically hours in the carseat and the bird rattle is a good one too
  • teethers - nothing beats Sophie but I've found that out of the endless supply of options this Comotomo teether is good for when they don't have the best motor skills yet
  • book - I'll always throw in a little book for Birdie as well as one or two crayons
  • balms - I always carry lip balm and Honest balm because they're good for everything from chapped lips to diaper rash or a mild scrape
  • diapers and wipes - once again duh
  • meds - in the diaper pouch I also have something to alleviate teething, hand sanitizer and advil (for me)
  • my phone - because it is my everything. I should mentioned that not pictured are crumpled receipts, used tissues, gum wrappers and coupons that I know I'll never use.
I also have a separate bag in the car in which I have a change of underwear for Birdie, changes of clothes for both of the kids and more re-usable bags. Because I've been caught without a change of clothes for either of them and it ain't pretty. 
I've been packing my diaper bag just like this for six months now and it's served us pretty well. As far as the diaper bag itself, after months of searching, I decided to go with a Herschel supply tote in the camo print because the material is perfect for messes and light as a feather and the print ensures that if papa bear has to carry it he won't feel quite as uncomfortable. Plus, six months later it still looks brand new! 

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  1. What a great list! You definitely have the streamline thing down! What hand sanitizer do you use? You seem like a natural, health conscious mama - have you heard of CleanSmart ( Amazing hand sani and paci spray that I never leave home without! Guilt free! And I am not affiliated with them, just love the product!


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