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These days I have approximately three dresses that are in heavy rotation in my closet. I've hit the 31 week mark and pretty much nothing fits and I have developed a serious distaste for anything involving waistbands. Last week I was running errands in one of these three dresses when I spotted the above item - soft, pretty and maternity friendly at... Whole Foods! Into my cart it went along with yogurt, grapes and tomato sauce. What could be better than picking up a cute dress while grocery shopping?? Nothing, nothing I tell you. If some place saves me an extra "buckling thrashing toddler into car seat" episode then it instantly jumps to the top of my list of favorite places. Which is probably the biggest reason I do most of my shopping online, I just can't. 
And speaking of online shopping I have to give a massive shout-out to the lovely Candis of The Jones Market. I made my first purchase there a few months ago and I have been wearing this necklace pretty much non-stop ever since! It goes with absolutely everything and really is "baby proof," in fact Birdie often thinks it's a toy for her to play with and for once I don't have to worry about her breaking it. I can't wait to add some more pieces to my collection soon! Like these darling keychain wristlets!

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  1. Love it! Wow, I can't believe you've hit the 3 week mark?! That seems to have come so quickly (but I'll bet it doesn't feel that way on your side of thing!) - you're looking great, happy and ready for this! And, that really is a great necklace. Excellent life-decision there! x jemima

    1. Oh no it totally does! This pregnancy has absolutely flown by! Thank you so much for your kind words as always :) xoxo

  2. I can't even handle this cuteness! What a great dress & the colour is so great on you!
    <3 Kastles


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