a week in chattanooga

10:18 AM

^ at Rock City overlooking 7 states!! ^
^ these tiny monkeys were Birdie's absolute favorite ^
^ this little ham ate an entire cup of gelato by herself ^

While down south the other week we stayed with my cousin in Chattanooga. She is attending the same college I went to for a year and I was feeling all the feelings being back where I started college, got my first job, my first kiss, boyfriend, etc... It felt especially strange to frequent all the same haunts with my babies in tow (one in a stroller and one in my belly). 
That's not to say that Chattanooga has not changed in the almost ten years since I left. In fact it has blossomed into quite the lovely little city. I loved exploring all the new cafes, restaurants and shops. We especially fell in love with Milk & Honey a local spot for a great cup of coffee, incredible gelato in every flavor imaginable and a practically homemade breakfast. We went there so many times over the course of a week I lost count! We're also still dreaming about our dinner at Alleia - it is one of my top three most memorable Italian meals! 
And I can't end this post without mentioning how great the Chattanooga Zoo was! Although the DC zoo will always be my favorite I was pleasantly surprised by the variety at the Chattanooga zoo as well as the proximity that you have to the animals. Considering the fact that we had a toddler with us who sometimes has trouble spotting things from a distance it certainly made the experience more enjoyable! Birdie is obsessed with animals so our afternoon at the zoo pretty much made her day!
More than anything it was so nice to be around my family. We didn't know then that we would be moving and I so cherished the time we got to spend together. I don't have a lot of friends and life at the cabin can be lonely at times but I have my family who have seen me through my worst and my best and who know me, in some aspects, better than I know myself and for that I am so grateful. I loved having the chance to climb in bed with my cousin and talk about, well, just about everything! I loved seeing Birdie meet new family members and deepen her relationship with others. Of course now that we know we'll be living close to all of them my heart could practically burst with excitement!! It's going to feel like such a treat!

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  1. Wow, Chattanooga looks fab! I only know of it from the Chattanooga Choo Choo song... Also, how cute is your little Birdie in stripes! Love it. Loved this post, I'm so happy for you guys with your little one on the way!!! xxx jemimajaneblog.com


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