how to make a baby smile

11:02 AM

shirt - madewell, jeans - target, shoes - sam edelman, watch - target, glasses - warby parker

Birdie has less and less patience for my outfit photos these days which means that they have to be quick and often involve me making funny faces (as you can witness above). It's funny when you think about it just how much free time one has before a baby comes along to do as one pleases. I often find myself wishing I could go back and give my past self a good scolding for taking all that free time for granted. Now I have this tiny little person that is always engaged in one of the following activities: a) yelling at me or something (if it's not me, more often than not it's a bird) b) whining c) making erratic body movements that often result in a booboo d) throwing things e) getting into some sort of trouble (if I don't lock our pantry she will be in it in five seconds and scarfing down a box of cheddar bunnies, i.e., there goes dinner!) or occasionally all of the above. So essentially the only "me time" I have is when I'm in the shower (usually done while she naps) or when I sleep. If you weren't a multitasker before you had kids you sure become one after. Gone are the days of leisurely doing one thing at a time, instead I work, eat, feed and clean at the same time. Effectiveness of any of these activities best not be measured... 

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  1. Tatiana! oh my! This comment may seem really random, but today I started thinking about the bloggers I followed when I first began blogging and you came to mind. I was hoping to find that you had started blogging again, or that you had some kind of internet presence and I found that you did! Glad to see that you and hubs are doing well and that you have extended your family a bit. I look forward to following you here. I love your writing and I really enjoyed when you shared your heart on LLL. :-)

    1. Oh my gosh!! So nice to hear from you! You are so sweet and I am so glad you were able to find me again! Thank you so much for your kind words! xoxoxo

  2. you look adorable - love those shoes!


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