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poached egg, sweet potato hash browns, avocado, salmon
avocado, scrambled eggs whites, bacon, tomatoes
eggs whites baked in sweet peppers, bacon, tomatoes
coconut flour pancakes, strawberries & strawberry puree*
omelet with tomatoes, green onions & parsley, sweet potato hash browns

As some of you know papa bear and I started Whole30 21 days ago. I was so inspired by Jenna's story and the way she approached it and explained it and we both decided that it was time for a change for us. I have a lot, a lot, to say about this and our experience but I want to save my thoughts for the end. In the mean time since I didn't want to inundate my instagram feed with food photos I figured I would start by sharing some of the meals we've been having. 
A lot of people say they struggle with breakfast when on Whole30, mostly it seems to be due to a dislike for eggs. I personally didn't have this problem since I love eggs but it was a little more difficult for papa bear. For him, what worked was loading up on fruit with some almond butter and the only way he did like his eggs was "deviled" so that is what he ended up doing. Recently he found some Whole30 compliant breakfast sausages at our local COOP and he's really been enjoying those. It's so important to get a good amount of protein in the morning so I'm glad he was able to find a way to do that. 
If you are interested in any of the recipes simply let me know in the comments and I will be more than happy to share! I will also be doing a "staples" post about Whole30 at some point and I will list all the tools/foods that we have been using on a daily basis that have made this a breeze!

* I realize that this is a what Whole30 would consider a SWYPO meal but every once in a while I feel like you have to treat yourself in order to keep going. I'll talk about this in more detail later. 

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  1. Beautiful food pictures! It all looks so healthy

  2. I've been looking into Whole30 this past week and more and more it seems like such a great idea. A while back I read the book "wheatbelly" and it reminds me that there is a way to eat without all the carbs and the GMOs and the stuff that sits so heavy in my stomach. Now I'm just psyching myself up to start. Your food choices look like a great variety and so yummy. Thanks for posting! I'd love recipes to, like, all of them.

    1. It's probably one of the best things we've ever done for ourselves! I hope you've decided to give it a try! Shoot me an email (floraandfaunablog@gmail.com) and I would be more than happy to share all the recipes with you! Good luck! xo

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  4. Yum! I am very interested in the coconut pancake recipe! :)

    1. I tried several but this was the one I liked the best - www.blog.paleohacks.com/coconut-flour-pancakes Also, an important tip is make the pancakes very, very small. They are much more difficult/runny to flip so the smaller they are the easier it is to do it! xo

  5. Coconut pancake? Yes please!


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