bright eyed and bushy tailed

9:25 AM

coat - asos, sunnies - karen walker, blouse & pants - target, shoes - shoemint

Last night I was praying I could fall asleep, the cloying heat was unbearable. The whirring fan by our bed offered little solace but I hoped my exhaustion would take me out. Thankfully it did and fairly quickly to my surprise. Heat and all I was off to dreamland...
I woke up pleasantly surprised by the cool air. The birds were singing their spring song and within minutes I heard the predictable babbling from the room next door. It was morning at our house. A quick diaper change was in order and I hastily threw a robe on. Soon our house would be filled with the sound of sizzles from the frying pans, familiar melodies of children's cartoons and silverware clinking its way onto the table. We eat and conversation seeps out slowly out of our still sleepy mouths. Birdie is always done before us and we finish breakfast to the pitter patter of tiny bare feet against our cool floors. 
As papa bear gets ready to leave we don our boots and jackets to see him off. The weather says highs in the 70s today but at this hour the air is chilly, the wind forcing me to wrap my jacket a little tighter around my chest. It's quiet, save for the buzz of a stray fly or two and the occasional chirp here and there. You can hear every step - the crunch of leaves or the muffled thuds over the dry dirt. We wave goodbye and do a little mandatory exploring before heading back inside. 
Once home we resume our daily schedule of mess making and general mischief. Soon toys will be strewn everywhere, crayons will weasel themselves under tables and chairs and a trail of cheddar bunnies will inevitably lead to the culprit. 
It's mornings like these - simple and predictable, that I hope to never take for granted.

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  1. Your words always make me smile. Happy Monday :)

  2. Beautiful, T! I had a similar experience this morning. It's so great to appreciate a moment as it happens. After all, that is what life is made of. :)

    1. Thank you darling! Absolutely! It's the best! xo

  3. This outfit is just lovely! And thank goodness for warmer weather!


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