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hat - free people, cardigan - f21, shirt - madewell, jeans - ae, boots - hunter

Papa bear seems to think this is a park ranger hat. In fact he has taken to referring to it as such at all times, as in "don't forget your park ranger hat" or "are you packing your park ranger hat?" It's all fun and games but I genuinely do think it's quite superb. One of my favorites in fact. Men, they just don't get anything do they???
Also, as you can see I have officially decided that life is too short to not use a word like "superb" in my every day conversations. It's like that small accessory that just makes an outfit. There you are just going about your measly little sentence and then you put a word like superb in there and bam! So. Much. Better!! Am I right? 
I have to give credit where it is due however, and say that this "life is too short" business is largely due to the superb (see?!) article by Martha Beck in this month's Oprah. She highly encouraged watching of cat videos (brilliant) and napping (you don't have to tell me again). But on a more serious note I have to agree with her general point of seeking things that make us happy, inspire us and just simply make us smile in life. I often look at people who are highly disciplined, motivated, high achieving (if you will), the kind of people that always stick to their diets, never miss a day of running, always finish what's on their to do list and never veer outside their budgets and I think good for them!! Honestly I wish I was more like that but the truth of the matter is I'm not. I'm a dreamer, I'm spontaneous, I'm easily distracted and I change my mind every five minutes. Sure some could argue this is bad but I spent a large part of my life fighting this and ultimately decided it's not worth it. Because I dream of puddle jumping, I've made split second decisions to go on an adventure that ends up being memorable, I'll get distracted by a stray cat on our deck or a squirrel devouring a nut (seriously take a minute to watch the process some time, it is fascinating!!!) and through change I'm evolving and hopefully becoming more me. And I don't think that's all that bad. Do I also dream of new leather boots, make split second decisions to do something I regret and get distracted by mindlessly browsing the internet? Sure, but when I look at the grander picture the good outweighs the bad and there's been this fire in me since I was a kid that burns for freedom and I can't ever imagine constraining my life so much that I can't color outside of the lines every once in a while.

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  1. i also have a hat like that - brian calls it my carmen san diego hat. le sigh...

  2. LOL!! Boys... It's one of those "man repeller" things I guess :)


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