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12:40 PM

Last weekend we kind of, if at all possible, overloaded on the "autumn activities." In addition to apple picking on Friday we went to a pumpkin patch on Saturday. We went mainly for their wagons that Birdie is absolutely obsessed with. Folks we are officially in the market for a classic Radio Flyer! And don't you think pumpkins are just the most handsome things to have ever grown out of the ground?! I could fill my whole house with them and I must admit I'm already well on my way - they are gracing our fireplace mantle and I've got a few on the dining room table too. Now I just need a good dozen more...
These photos sure did lift my mood. The weekend was fantastic but this week has been tough. I'm thoroughly disappointed with what has been going on with our government. I'm disappointed that certain individuals in our government are letting so many of the people that voted them in down, especially low income mothers and their babies. My heart aches for family and friends that have suffered losses or tragic events this week. Weeks like this leave me with a lot of questions and very few answers. 
Perhaps this weekend will bring some answers, hope and peace not just to myself but to all those around me as well. 


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  1. Beautiful photos! Your girl is adorable <3

  2. babies and virginia and pumpkins make for the best photos :)

  3. Aww I hope your weekend made you feel better! Adore these photos as usual
    <3 Kastles


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