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10:57 AM

I can hear the rain pounding on the roof over the croon of Billie Holiday on the record player. Birdie is down for a nap and the house is as quite as it will be for the next hour or so. We did a deep clean yesterday and I'm relishing the shine of the floors and the empty sink, the fluffy towels all nicely folded away. I have candles burning in every room since it was be a shame to ruin this moody light that's sneaking its way through the orange and yellow leaves and into our windows. And I'm sitting here thinking about this weekend and how wonderful it was. Papa bear and I got to get away for a night for the first time in ten months thanks to our parents. It was exactly what we both needed. Time to talk, time to breathe, time to think and time to recharge. Things are definitely looking up and I have a lot of hope for this week. I made a nice big pot of coffee this morning and it kind of made me feel like superwoman (I'll report later on how that how thing panned out... fingers crossed!!).
I also believe that the road to happiness is paved with gratitude and what better way to start the week than with a happy list? So I'm taking a page from Anna (don't you just think she's the most darling gal?!) and writing down my own happy list!

macarons (especially chocolate ones)
the yumminess that is a naked baby
a perfect diet coke
red light kisses in the car that turn into green light kisses (oops!)
clean sheets that smell of fabric softner
a piping hot fragrant cup of tea (peppermint is my fave right now)
the civil war's song "dust to dust"
a to do list with everything crossed out
any Disney movie
granny smith apples and caramel dipping sauce
the sound of Birdie crawling
a hot air balloon sighting (flying in one is still on my bucket list)
the perfect spicy tuna roll
dinner and dessert for the week ready by Sunday night
the scent of an autumn candle burning all day
a long, hot bubble bath
a date night that includes heels and dessert
having Birdie fall asleep on me
every window in the house beaming with bright yellow & orange
falling asleep holding hands
a good email first thing in the morning
a photo that perfectly captures a perfect moment

There! I feel all fuzzy and smiley already! Would y'all be a doll and share you're own happy list with me? I'll link to them here all week! 


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  1. Love this post! I had an equally restorative weekend & am hopeful for a terrific week as well. The rain today is very inspiring, so now I'll set out to cross out my to-do list. :)

  2. Red light kisses! Yes ! A fantastic happy list! I will have to do thus- but not tonight as my bed is calling- and a cosy bed with freshly cleaned sheets on them would be on my happy list!

  3. Gleaming house
    ditto baby falling asleep on you, will settle for head on shoulder for 10 seconds!
    older kids showered and in flannel pjs
    clean sheets and shaved legs (TMI?)
    sunny days in winter, rain in summer
    any fresh flowers
    everyone loving what you cooked for dinner

    Thanks for making me think of nice things, even the list makes me happy

    1. Perfect, perfect list! Completely adore all of that! Thank you sweetheart! xo

  4. Done: my baby's smile, autumn, coffee... more here>> http://davidsfabworld.wordpress.com/
    P.S. Love your post!

  5. A week's worth of dinner and dessert ready by Sunday night!! You should share how you made that happen! That sounds amazing. :)

  6. I was cranky until this...thanks for nudging me to follow suit ;)

    1. Aw! Thanks so much for joining in! Loved your list! xo

  7. yes, anna is the best! i also love falling asleep holding hands :)


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