cat's pajamas

8:59 AM

sunglasses - karen walker, t-shirt - forever21, pants - target, shoes - saltwater, bracelets - madewell

I'm actually not sure what these would be classified as... Harem pants? Palazzo pants? If you ask me they're just real pretty pajama pants but they didn't come from the "sleepwear" section of the store meaning I can wear them out in public! Amazing right?! The comfort level is through the roof on these babies. 
Enough about pants though. So we're in September now. Hard to believe with these temperatures we've been having lately. Perhaps it's easier to enjoy summer when one has central air but I will honestly tell you that I have had it up to here with the heat, bugs and humidity. Don't get me wrong we've had a swell summer but I've always been an autumn gal and I am ready for some crisp air, jackets and being able to enjoy my coffee in the morning instead of sweating through it. Oh and a good, long, dark rainy day. I would kill for one of those. I find them deeply inspirational.
But it looks like that's not in the cards this week so here's to sweating through the next couple of days and praying for a reprieve!

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  1. I am with you. I even have air conditioning but I am SO DONE with all this humidity and ridiculous heat. Even when we have dark rainy days it's still 85 degrees! Unfortunately living in Upstate SC means I am waiting and waiting and waiting for October when we get actual fall-like temparatures here, haha.

    Those pants look absurdly comfortable. Maybe I should hop on the pajama trend; between you and Allie from Wardrobe Oxygen rocking the pj-look, I'm rapidly finding myself wanting to have the lounge-y thing happen for me, too.

  2. I used to live in upstate SC!! It really does take a good long minute for fall to get there :). You should definitely give the pants a try, I've been living in them since I bought them :) xo

  3. Those pants look delightfully comfy & perfect! I haven't seen them at our Target yet (the stock sells so fast & they take forever to restock). You do seem like a fall girl, plus you live in a forest in cabin which just screams fall :)))
    <3 Kastles

    1. They really are! Oh my gosh this place is the MOST dreamy in the fall! I'm dying waiting for the leaves to change! xo


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