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shirt - anthro, purse - kate spade, jeans - ae, shoes - h&m

It's pretty much impossible to hide those dark circles under my eyes. I have not slept well in a week. See babies like to do this thing where they start sleeping real good, you're getting like ten, maybe twelve hours and you're thinking - life is GOOD!! And then just when you get used to sleeping like a normal person they start cutting teeth... Birdie has been cutting her two top teeth since this weekend and night time has been real rough for her. Then on top of it she got sick on Tuesday. My poor sweet babe, got sick for the first time on the eve of her nine month birthday. But she's such a trooper, still smiling, even laughing occasionally and I guess my mama's right - she had to get sick sooner or later and she's building her immune system. It's a necessary evil.
Also, a quick note about my outfits. As you may have noticed I will feature the same bag, shoes, jeans, etc., more than once, more than twice occasionally! My outfits are what I actually wore it's basically "we were out, I liked my outfit, so we snapped some photos." I'll be honest with you I used to be a culprit of the "dress up for outfit photo" post and it was the worst. It always felt so forced and I was never sure after it was all done if I would even wear anything like that. I get inspiration, I get creativity and perhaps some people find that fun but I always gravitate more towards people with real, every day style. Because let's be honest I am not wearing four inch heels and a $1,200 bag every day. What you see above is my idea of "dressy" because my shoes of choice are my hunter boots and the bag I use most often is my big old diaper bag that I put everything but the kitchen sink in. And you know what? This feels so much better, so much more true to myself. It's not fancy, it's not "on trend," but you better believe that it's me, it's real and sometimes it's even cute :).

Here's to not boring y'all to death!

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  1. It's not boring at all! I prefer personal style that is just that; what you really wore out and about. I'd rather see the same bag three times in one week than a new one in every single post forever, because really, it's about being who you and letting us come along for the ride.

    1. Aww! Thanks so much Katie! Your kind words made me smile :) xo

  2. repeating items makes you a sane person with a budget, so thank you :) i love a good fashion blog, but i hate to think that people put on an outfit and take it off (i.e. don't wear it that day). but i suppose that happens quite a bit.


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