when your homeschooler wants to go to school

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We had a wonderful past school year homeschooling. It was my first time trying my hand at it and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. We explored, we painted, we read and learned how to read. We added two plus two and went to go see newly hatched owlets. It wasn't always easy but we always had the promise of a new day, a chance to try again and try better. Throughout the year we would ask Birdie if she thought she would want to continue homeschooling next year or attend kindergarten. She waffled but would ultimately say she wanted to continue with homeschool. Until the very end of the year. As summer was nearing and the decision was weighing more on our minds we asked again and she surprised us by saying that she missed the experience she had at preschool the previous year and wanted to have teachers, friends and to "play on a playground."
It took me some time to process this as I had already began to plan the next school year. But I wanted to respect her wishes and I wanted to trust that she knows that this is what she needs. Homeschool is a wonderful option but it is decidedly different from conventional school in many ways. And truly in this past year we had seen Birdie blossom when it comes to interpersonal relationships. She had grown so much more confident in herself and in turn gained a confidence when it came to interacting with others. She went from being our quiet, shy child to chatting up everyone from the grocery store check-out lady to our neighbors. She is constantly told that she is incredibly friendly and we've noticed her yearn for more interaction with children her own age.
Teddy and I will miss her terribly, there is no doubt about that, but we're excited to cheer her on this new adventure and we will be waiting at home for her every day with open arms. It also helps that her kindergarten class is on the campus of the school where Kevin teaches and knowing that he will be present there every day brings me so much peace. I also have no doubt that she will flourish there and enjoy the heck out of every day. And today at dinner she looked at me and said "Mama you were the best teacher of homeschool and I had such a good time," oh my heart! And as for me...
Well I'll be heading back to school myself come January. It's taken me ten years but I've finally come back to what I've always known in my heart to be my truest passion - psychology. As my children are needing less of me I am looking forward to nurturing my creative and academic needs more in the future and seeing where this takes me!
All of these changes are thrilling but terrifying too. Here's to new beginnings for all of us!!

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