[new] shared nursery + their new favorite toys

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It's always my top priority when moving to have the nursery set up as quickly as possible. Moving is rough on adults - the endless boxes, the disarray and the inevitable homesickness that creeps up from time to time. I never wanted the kids to feel displaced or uncomfortable so we worked extra quick to set up their new, albeit temporary, space. We parked the moving truck in my parent's driveway on Wednesday night and by Saturday the kids were sound asleep in their new beds with all their toys and books on the shelves just like they were back home.
We were extremely anxious about having to have them sharing a room as Birdie is an incredibly light sleeper and has always struggled with sleep right up until the present day. In the past when we've tried to have them share a room the goofing around would never stop and we would eventually have to separate them. However, the bunk beds have seemed to solve this problem. They will chat a bit with each other before bedtime but after that will be asleep within a half an hour. I think the fact that they can't actually see each other helps a lot with their new bedtime routine. It also wasn't easy to combine the huge playroom they had in GA and Birdie's own bedroom into one small room but with some creativity and storage solutions I think we did a pretty good job. I have a lot of additional craft supplies in tubs under the bed and there's this fantastic storage bookcase at the foot of the bed.
Another way that we helped the kids get excited about their new room was by introducing some fun new toys. Petit Collage generously sent the kids puzzles, games and backpacks and they were over the moon! We have long loved Petit Collage, in fact you can see the wooden animal puzzle that we've had for over three years in one of the photos, it has been so loved by both kids. It's my favorite brand for age appropriate, beautiful and educational toys. Make sure to check out their site for adorable back-to-school supplies, they have the cutest little lunch bags! We also got new markers, pencils, scissors and crayons and set them up in this snazzy caddy. All in all the kids are thrilled!
I'm so relived to see them enjoying their new space and the fact that bedtime isn't a fight is such a welcome relief. Here's to new beginnings!!

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